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Araik Galstyan biography Armenia competitor

Araik Galstyan was born on March 31, 1975 in the Armenian town of Sisian, not far from the capital of Armenia, the city of Erevan. The magnificence of the Armenian landscape with its striking mountainous scenery, coupled its rich cultural heritage, meant that Araik was immersed in nature and art from an early age. He always felt an irresistible wish to work with the alive material, which gave an opportunity to make a reality of the most miraculous abstractions and creative ideas.
One day whilst studying at Yerevan University of art and specializing in painting Araik gathered a cluster of flowers together in his hand and his love of nature took over. He put down the brush and replaced it with a flower knife knowing that creative floristry would be the artistic direction he would take.
There were the following steps in Araiks career after he graduated from the university:
1993 1996 - florist in Brabion Flora Services flower company, Erevan, Armenia,
1999 - won a floral contest The flower of the World, Erevan, Armenia;
After almost ten years of work Araik decided to work in Moscow still being a citizen of Armenia:
2002 - 2003 - florist in Florina Company, Moscow, Russia,
2003 - till now - a leading florist and a general director of A vangard Studio company,
2006 - 2007 and 2007 - 2008 - participated in Floral Art project;
2007 - President of Armenian Florists Association;
2007 - megafinalist in REN TV program Supper-party.
2007 - Participated in professional floristic European contest Euro Cup 2007 in Slovenia
The time had come when Araik felt himself able to show what he could do in professional floristry and he went to Europe Cup held in Slovenia in 2007. He was on the 6th position in a Surprise work and on the 4th position in Flowers and architecture work.
2008 - Araik shared his experience being a manager of one Armenian florist who took part in Europe Cup 2008 for juniors.
Araik prefers great projects in his work such as big celebrations, presentations, exhibitions and festivals. Here are some of them:
2007 - till now - an official flower designer of one Sothebys brunch.
2008 - an official flower designer at the Moscow Millionaires Fair.
2008 - publication of a book called Flower design without borders with Araiks and many great florists works.
2009 - an official flower designer at the Traditions and modernity Exhibition.
2009 - an official flower designer at the Moscow Millionaires Fair.
Its an artists eternal longing to capture the transient beauty of flowers in a design, says Araik.

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